Fight night

Fight Night is a white collar boxing competition, where men and women typically of white collar professions train to fight, most of whom have no prior boxing experience. The white collar fighters typically prepare over 8-10 weeks developing a range of abilities from technical boxing skills, conditioning, courage and a competitive mindset.

During the 8 weeks preparation stage the fighters are matched with their opponent based on weight, ability and skill. They will go head to head in 3 x 3 minute rounds. All athletes must wear headgear, 16oz gloves and a mouth guard.


On the night spectators are treated to a 3 course black tie dinner, beverages per table and a two week gym membership. In addition to an after party. These events began with Bahrain Boxing Club and will be an integral part of Sunshine Coast Boxing Club. View the galleries below to get a snapshot of these fantastic events! 

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